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Terms and Conditions


The following information is important, please read it carefully, as it forms the basis of our contract to provide services. The information provided under the heading ‘Process’ in this brochure forms part of the contract. Listed below are the terms and conditions under which we accept instructions to perform work/undertake projects for you and which you accept should you choose to proceed.


1.       Services are accepted on the basis that fees apply as per the ‘Menu of Services’ and as quoted at the commencement of the project and are exclusive of any disbursements.

2.       Fees for services are not discounted unless agreed to prior to commencement of service.

3.       We reserve the right to asked for payment before commencement of the project. Please provide credit card details or your bank transfer receipt number for payment via electronic fund transfer.

4.       For projects commissioned via email, credit card details must be provided upon placement of the order as a security. We will seek authorisation from your bank prior to commencement of the project.

5.       Where we agree to defer fees until project completion, payment is due immediately; however, five days from the date of invoice is allowed for payment to accommodate transfer and posting times.  

6.       Payments attract a late fee of $30 in addition to the original fee, if payment is not received after the due date and an administration fee of $10 per week after that until the full amount has been paid. Costs arising out of legal efforts to collect outstanding fees and a $180 administration fee will be added to the amount outstanding.

7.        A tax invoice is issued upon completion of the project and a receipt upon payment. We do not provide credit. This means that all fees must be paid in full as indicated on the invoice. Documents are either e-mailed or the documents may be collected from our office. 

8.       Disbursements are telephone calls made to you, charged at $2 each. Envelopes and stamps can be provided at additional cost, but are not provided as a standard inclusion. Photocopies attract an additional charge of $0.30 per page. Credit card payments attract a surcharge of 5% of invoice amount to offset bank charges. We accept VISA and MasterCard.

9.       A tax invoice is issued upon completion of the project and a receipt upon request. We do not provide credit. This means that all fees must be paid in full as indicated on the invoice. Documents are either e-mailed or the documents may be collected from our office. 

10.    A fee of $25 applies, if you instruct us to download your application information (selection criteria/duty statement) via Internet Explorer on your behalf.

11.    An allowance in addition to listed fees may be charged for particularly urgent applications.

12.     If you cancel your project for whatever reason, a fee will be charge pro rata of the agreed fee for work already completed plus a $125 cancellation fee. Where a cancellation is received after the first draft document has been presented, the full amount is due.

13.    Clients have an obligation to act promptly in providing feedback for amendments/corrections, etc. If your advice of amendments, etc. has not been received by us within five (5) days of request or dispatch of draft documents to you, the project will be regarded as completed.

14.    Completed applications consist of two high-quality originals and a disc containing your documents, when collected from our office. Request for posting documents is $10 for postage and handling.

15.     Missed appointments will be charged at $20 where no prior notification of cancellation was received.

16.    It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the final documents are correct; this means, the documents prepared are satisfactory in regard to:


  • layout/presentation          

  • grammar and punctuation  

  • content.


Final proofreading is the client’s responsibility.


17.     The contract is regarded as completed in full when the documents have been collected and have left my office. E-mail contracts are regarded as completed when advised by the client that no further amendments are required. After your notification that you are happy with the documents prepared, further requests for alterations/additions/amendments/changes to the same document/s are charged at $30 per quarter hour.


We make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with our services.  We have an outstanding reputation for preparing quality application documents, which enable clients to be short-listed for interviews; nevertheless, no guarantees for securing interviews are given.



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